color meme: { nana + rainbow }


soshi through the years: im yoona {임윤아}

Happy birthday to the most adorable, sweetest doe eyed deer! Your beauty never ceases to amaze me. You’re so beautiful, not only on the outside, but on the inside too. You show your kindness so often, and never expect anything in return. You’re also super hilarious, cracking jokes and stuffing food in your mouth all the time! I really can’t believe how much you’ve grown. Thank you for being here for us all the time. S♡NES all love you so much~ It’s been hard, but you’ve made it this far. Never give up, and always stay by your 8 sisters’ side;  #윤아야생일축하해 ♥

a car drive with the jung sisters, feat. sica’s knowledge about cars and ferrari unnie

aye aye, it’s a red light, light

Release this feeling. Spread those wings and set me free. Get away from fate. I’m a κarma βutterfly.

"I couldn’t stand in front of any cameras and I couldn’t go to places where there were a lot of people. I thought that people would criticize me if I smiled or even if I just stayed still." - 윤아